Sunday, January 29, 2023

Comedy is a loved genre. From Antiquity up to today, the audience enjoyed the good laugh that was delivered from the stage. Good comedy always received large critical and audience acclaim. It is no surprise that the play with the most Tony Awards is “The Producers” – largely considered one of the best comedies ever to come to Broadway. It won 12 Tonys in 2001 (out of 15 nominations). We’ve assembled a list of the best comedies on Broadway today!

Mean Girls

A funny outlook on high school by Tina Fey. A remake of the popular 2004 movie, “Mean Girls” brings Cady, Regina, Janis, Damian, Aaron, and the Plastics on stage. The show is full of parallels between the African Savanah – Cady’s former home, and the school halls.

The show has the audience constantly bursting into laughter – from the introduction of the Plastics, and the Halloween party, to the Revenge party, and the sweet moment in the end. The characters are an ironic take on common modern-day personas that every school has, which makes “Mean Girls” even funnier.

Mrs. Doubtfire

You guessed it – this is the stage remake of the famous Robin Williams movie.

The story of the carrying father-turned sweet old lady premiered in the Sondheim Theatre (where it replaced another classic movie/stage comedy – Tootsie) in March 2020, and closely follows the plot of the movie (only in a more musical manner). Rob McClure is in the role of Daniel/Mrs Doubtfire, where he’ll repeat his performances from Beetlejuice and Chaplin.


What can be scarier than a millennia-old demon, who’s on a crusade to get his physical body, haunts an old house, keeps a recently dead family hostage, and wants to marry a teenage girl? Well, when you put it THAT way…he sounds a bit scary.

But, Beetlejuice is as goofy as he can get. Yes, the show has a predominantly macabre and dark theme, but it is only as a backdrop for all the silly stuff that happens on stage. Like when Beetlejuice scares a girl scout, the confessions to his clones, and that moment when he gets thrown out by Juno, but returns on a huge worm and eats her.


One of the greatest comedy to ever be presented on stage. But what do you expect by Stephen Sondheim.

The production first premiered in 1970 on Broadway, and achieved great success both there and on West End. Since then it “survived” three revivals – in 1995, 2006, and in 2020.

The story of Bobby/Bobbie, a forever-bachelor/bachelorette, with a rather vague dating life, and many married friends. The story revolves around his personal life, three of his “loves”, and the life and times of his friends – their struggles, ups and downs. It is all presented in a manner, only possible to Sondheim.

Book of Mormon

Probably the best comedy currently running on Broadway. Book of Mormon has a good claim on that title with the Tony Award.

But what is the recipe? Take a couple of LDS Priests, throw them in a Ugandan village, and add a military warlord to the mix. Then give the cooking gloves to Trey Parker, Robert Lopez, and Matt Stone (the same that “cooked” South Park).

Elders Price and Cunningham are up for a serious, yet extremely funny task in their rise on the LDS ladder. But in the end the will succeed where everyone else has failed!

We all need an escape from our bland everyday activities. Musical Theater provides a great way to get the escape we need. The best comedies on Broadway are the pill we need – funny, witty, sometimes super real, other times as silly as they can get. They guarantee at least two hours of laughing!

Even the best comedies have their villains! And are you up for some jukebox musicals? Or some love stories?

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