Sunday, January 29, 2023

Love is in the air! This is the feeling that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. This is the time when even the toughest people soften and begin to see the world through pink glasses. While many people choose to take their partner to the movies, why not choose to go to a romantic Broadway show. The experience is like no other. When you watch live theater you are part of the audience, you empathize strongly with every emotion, you participate in creating the atmosphere in the hall. Broadway theaters offer something for every taste, depending on how romantic you want to spend the evening.
Here are our suggestions for the perfect romantic evening with the best love stories on Broadway!

An American in Paris

Book writer Craig Lucas takes the bones of Alan Jay Lerner’s 1951 screenplay and concocts a story tinged by Nazi-occupation guilt and soldiers with PTSD. Adam Hochberg tells the story of his friend Jerry Mulligan and their common interest in ballerina Lise. This story, accompanied by a lot of music and dancing, takes us far.

Pretty Woman

Just like in the movie from 1990, the musical Pretty Woman also focuses on the strange relationship between a successful man who falls in love with a woman who keeps him company for a fee. Accompanied by timeless songs like “Rodeo Drive” and “Something About Her”, you can go back in time and relive the story on screen for the first time, but this time live on Broadway.

King Kong

The recognizable Jack Thorne takes to the stage the story of King Kong in a breathtaking theatrical production. What could be more romantic than for two people to find each other while in danger? These tense moments create an even more pleasant atmosphere than while watching the movie. The effects are stunning, the audience holds their breath in front of the massive King Kong figure in real size. You won’t go wrong if you trust this choice of Broadway love story.

Phantom of the Opera

An icon amongst the love stories of Broadway! More than three decades of Broadway The Phantom of the Opera is still of great interest to Broadway visitors. The story and the plot tell of a young and naive soprano singer, a Yui teacher who keeps a secret from the world, secretly lives under the Paris Opera. Although Christine and the audience have learned about his exploits as a kidnapper, extortionist, and potential rapist, they are strongly attracted to him and his distorted work. Who doesn’t love bad boys? Although it does not go into this story in-depth, accompanied by iconic musical works, this musical remains a favorite to this day for several generations.


Many of us have had a close friend to whom we could share everything … it often happens that he thinks, what if? It’s never too late to try and turn this into a then. Take this friend and just see what will happen, or go alone and get inspired to give it a try.

Do you want more show ideas on and off-Broadway? There is nothing more romantic than a knight in shiny armor!

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