Wednesday, March 29, 2023

We have covered half of them the last time. Now, here’s the second installment! Here are the best musicals to watch from home, part 2!

Sunday in the Park With George

Straig’s Tony-winning stage design captivated audiences 30 years later with his iconic painting of the Impressionist painter Georges Seurat, and George remains a particular favourite with theatre fans. Bernadette Peters and Mandy Patinkin, who were in the original cast, don’t hurt, but George does. 

The series began in London with a cast that included Roger Rees in the title role, and Nicholas Nickleby later moved to Broadway with the London cast, winning the Tony Award for Lead Actor in a Musical in 1982 for his portrayal of George. 

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

Given the immense length of the piece, it is perhaps the best way to watch from home, and you can take a break whenever you want. Although the work was shown on Broadway, an adaptation by Nicholas Nickleby took place in London, although it was not broadcast on television until 1983. 

It became a hit when it opened in London’s West End in 2005 and won four Olivier Awards, and the Broadway production was equally successful after winning 10 Tony Awards (including three for the three young actors who share the title role). It tells the story of a conservative working-class man who is imprisoned by a corrupt policeman, his wife and two young children. 

Elaine Stritch at Liberty

While production on Broadway was halted in 2012, the London production ran for two years and was filmed for a live recording that did not show the original cast. Elaine Stritch is famous for her stories and for her great work with the musical, music and lyrics. 

When Stritch brought the show to London’s West End, a camera captured the performances, which are to be released on DVD. Although she hasn’t shot her Liberty on Broadway, those who love her show won’t want to miss it. 

Into the Woods

If I’m going to watch something from home from part 2, then this is it! The Woods is one of the most successful Sondheim shows on Broadway and became a hit with Meryl Streep and James Corden. It is still the second-most-distributed work in Broadway musical theater history and the third-largest and highest-grossing Broadway show of all time. 

The 1999 Broadway production won the Tony Award for Best Revival, directed by Michael Blakemore, choreographed by Kathleen Marshall and Rob Ashford, starring Brian Stokes Mitchell and Marin Mazzie. The 2019 revival, starring Will Chase and Kelli O’Hara, is set to hit theaters in 2019. This fairytale mush – which ventures into happier paths – is Sondheim’s starting point and one of his most accessible works, especially for a few theater fans who were thrilled by the original cast on Broadway, including Tony – with winning performances from Meryl Streep and James Corden. 

Kiss Me, Kate

The reconstruction of the 1999 production was shot in New York before moving to London’s West End in 2003. The two leading ladies were still in production when filming began, but the good news is that they have since been replaced by Broadway stars. 

Peter Pan

There have been several musical adaptations of this story, but the most famous – known among theater fans – is the original, which premiered in 1904. The story of a boy who never grows up and his love affair with a girl is one of the best-adapted stories that emerge from the works of William Faulkner, the author of “The Book of Mormons” and “A Christmas Carol.” 

This version of the story has been filmed four times and is now available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital formats as well as on iTunes. 

Present Laughter

Although these three were not filmed on stage, they are available on DVD, Blu-ray, and digital formats, as well as on iTunes. The first shooting, which aired on Broadway a few weeks before the show ended, featured the entire original cast. This Tony Award-winning show, directed by David O. Russell, was filmed live on stage in 2000 and has been released on DVD ever since. 

The 2017 production was shot onstage after the curtain fell for the last time, and Kevin Kline won his second Tony Award for his performance as Noel Coward’s Present Laughter, which follows a self-serving actor. In addition to Klines, the latest production also features the original cast and a new cast of actors, directors, and choreographers. 

These are the best musicals to watch from home, part 2! It contains a selected list of Broadway classics, that are certainly worth your time! Enjoy!

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