Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Here are those that will certainly get you in the holiday mood, from unusual shows that incorporate Yuletide into the plot to some of the most popular musicals of all time, here’s what you’re getting into. The best Christmas musicals on Broadway!


Warbucks offers to be Annie’s father and she accepts the offer, but we finally learn that he has died. Since she wants to adopt another child, Daddy Warbucks launches a nationwide search for her. Annie, a brave orphan, begins her journey to find a new home with a wealthy billionaire and eventually learns that she must die. 

Billy Elliott: The Musical

A young boy growing up in a mining community wants to become a dancer, but he has to show his family that his passion is more than dancing. A number by Elton John and Lee Hall is accompanied by giant caricatured puppets and scorned songs. The 1984-85 strike by the British miners is giving everyone involved a difficult Christmas. The strikers gather in a local union hall where the children perform a Christmas show and “Merry Christmas, Maggie Thatcher. 

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

A good little whorehouse in Texas may seem like an unlikely place to find Christmas music, but there are some strong holiday-themed show tunes playing on the stage on Broadway. 

When Miss Mona learns that the Texas government is closing down, she and her staff have to say goodbye with this heartbreaking number. When Dolly Parton recorded the song for the film version in 1982, it found a wider audience, but did you know that the film was set after the death of the holidays?


Will Ferrell has been a fixture on the holiday circuit since its 2003 release, and “A Christmas Story” had a limited run on Broadway in 2012 and then became a television movie. 


The script was adapted for the stage on Broadway in 2012, and the musical adaptation of the same name of “A Christmas Story” in 2014. “Christmas in New York,” produced by a toy company that makes “laughing dolls,” revolves around a group of children’s toys and their families. 

Flahooley, who also launched Barbara Cook’s Broadway career, co-wrote “A Christmas Story” and decided to take on the story of the famous parade. 

Here’s Love

Willson wrote the song in 1951, and it started to look a lot like “Christmas” to me. Here’s a look back at “The Christmas Song of Love,” which opened in 1963 and ran for just over a year. 

These Christmas musicals on Broadway are responsible for the good mood and the holiday spirit of the audience. Many of them will be forever classics! And you can watch these classics from home!

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