Sunday, January 29, 2023

We need our daily dose of a laugh, and Broadway is the excellent place to provide it! Here are some great comedies that are blockbusters on stage – the funniest shows on Broadway!

“Something Rotten!” (2015)

Welcome to the Renaissance! Shakspere may be a bonafide rocker and Nick and Nigel Bottom square measure troubled to contend. there’s nothing delicate concerning this meta-musical, that is loaded with a lot of theatrical references than we are able to count. We’re even given a show-stopping variety that uproariously sends-up the complete musical theatre genre. whether or not it’s Shakspere and Nick’s fierce group action or Nigel and Portia’s unlikely entreaty, there square measure lots of opportunities for large laughs throughout the show. whereas ‘Omelette: The Musical’ was ne’er getting to be a success, ‘Something Rotten!’ actually cracked the United States up.

“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Forum” (1962)

With ‘Funny’ within the title, however, may this show not get on our list? Roman slave Pseudolus bargains for his freedom by enjoying intermediator for his master Hero and also the courtesan-next-door, Philia. like any farce, things don’t precisely attend set up and chaos ensues with blackmail, disguises, and cases of mistaken identity driving the plot. If you mud off your Latin lexicon, you’ll notice that the characters’ names square measure rather tongue-in-cheek too. It’s a powerful combination of humorous lines and physical comedy that build this show thus joyous.

“The Book of Mormon” (2011)

Brought to you by the sensible minds behind South Park and Avenue alphabetic character, ‘The Book of Mormon’ playfully pokes fun at faith through a humorous musical wittiness. It’s beloved by fans for its humorous, catchy musical numbers, and also the wicked sense of humor it brings to the stage. The writers’ knowledge to push boundaries and take the United States to dark places, however somehow it simply makes United States laugh even tougher. That being aforementioned, there’s astonishingly nothing significantly mean-spirited concerning the content; it even incorporates a positive and lovable message in spite of appearance.


These shows are the funniest on Broadway! They are heavy fan favorites with multiple awards and cult following!

And these shows make us ugly cry!

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