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Broadway is full of diverse characters. This is partly due to the nature of musical theater (and theater in general) – you might be able to find similarities between the different plays, however, they are quite different in the core. The same goes for characters, especially the good guys, who lack the diversity and the edge of the villains. Here we have gathered five of Broadway’s best heroes that we love and enjoy see winning in the end. 

Alexander Hamilton (Hamilton)

Lin-Manuel Miranda managed to turn the “boring” first treasury secretary into a dynamic, fast-paced, rapping Broadway superstar. He has a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life, despite his humble beginnings from the Caribbean (“son of a w*ore and a Scotsman”), he raises to a war hero, a US Founding Father, right-hand man to George Washington, and so on. Opportunistic and cocky, he makes several enemies, amongst who are Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and most notably Aaron Burr. Burr, a long-time colleague, adversary, and opponent spells Hamilton’s doom.

Aladdin (Disney’s “Aladdin”)

The charming rogue-turned-prince that we all love. His careless lifestyle is a complete opposite to the one of his beloved Jasmine – full of concerns and royal pains. And he’s definitely the Sultan’s worst nightmare as a son in law. Still, Aladdin is a kind and good-hearted lad, a “diamond in the rough” that is amongst the few people that is allowed in the cave, where the lamp is hidden, and that is why the Genie obeys him…not always happily, but still. Aladdin uses his power for good, giving the main villain – Jafar, a lesson that he would remember.

Simba (The Lion King)

A classic character that has starred all over media and pop culture. “The Lion King” is inspired by the classical Shakespearean plays, and most notably “Hamlet”. “The Lion King” is a typical story to strive for power, courtly intrigue, and growing up. Scar blames him for his father – Mufasa’s death and little Simba runs away. He, however, returns full-grown and overthrows Scar, becoming king of the Pride Lands. 

Elder Kevin Price and Elder Arnold Cunningham (Book of Mormon)

A Latter-day Saints Elder tries to save a Ugandan village. Enough said. Wait, it’s not enough. When LDS elders Price and Cunningham are sent on a mission to convert a Ugandan village they are struck back by all the problems that the natives have, and most notably – a military dictator and an AIDS outbreak. The rather disappointed Elder Price doesn’t care much, but the valiant Cunningham takes matters to the heart (including the heart of the charming Nabulungi). The two Elders adapt their religion to make it more approachable for the locals (yes, adding hobbits, and Darth Vader worked out). These stories help them defeat the General at the end. 

Viscount Raoul de Chagny (The Phantom of the Opera) 

You need the best man to tackle the dangerous villain. A classical character amongst the heroes of Broadway – young, handsome man of noble birth. He fells in love with the young Christine Daaé – a talented chorus girl, from her supernatural stalker, who strives for her attention. He pushes her career to the top of the Paris Opéra House, but at the cost of a couple of lives. Raoul confronts him on several occasions and concocts a couple of plans to stop the macabre menace that hunts his beloved. At the final showdown, The Phantom has the upper hand but spares Raoul after a gesture of kindness by Christine.  

Not all the heroes of Broadway wear capes, especially those on the stage. Today, more than ever, we need the heroes of Broadway in our lives, to save us from our problems, and boring daily lives. 

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