Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel has been adapted into one of the most popular operas in opera history and a series of musical adaptations. The most famous of all – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” is the standard-bearer of modern-day Broadway and has been around for more than 3 decades. But are you aware that the Phantom has a baby brother called Love Never Dies? 


Love never dies, “reveals the Phantom and Christine, who have sex again and become pregnant. Raoul comes and asks Phantom for compassion and replies that the world has never shown him anything. He has enmeshed him with his lasso. The phantom of the world Christine goes to pray. The love of her life returns to her, revealing that she never died.

Raoul is comfortably locked up in the dungeon of the opera. He is held hostage and duly chained up in it, as a Persian. Raoul is safely locked up and properly chained in a dungeon in one opera. He is safely locked up in the dungeon of an opera but properly chained up.

The phantom never gives the first name in the novel; he merely tells Christine that his name is “Nobody”. The Phantom has not named any of the novels and he only tells her that he is a nobody.


Christine reveals to Gustave that the ghost is his father. He asks him to kiss her one last time. Her last words to him are: “My love for you will never die. After Christine reveals her disfigured face and gives Firmin and Andre an ultimatum that she must be in the lead role of “Il Muto”. They both refuse to accept it. So Phantom causes chaos, kills Joseph Buquet, and makes Carlotta sound like a toad for having insulted her. Christine’s last word to Phantom was “Stay away from her”. After Christine has revealed her dark side, he also reveals his dark side, reveals his disfigurement, and gives both Tanne Minis Andre and himself an ultimatum: ‘You’ve got to be with me or you’ve got to go.


The show filled the stage with garish spectacles and then it just seemed like you didn’t know what you were doing right. The show is done right, but it’s a show that fills you with a glaring spectacle. 

It takes two hours with a 15-minute break but becomes tedious once the frequent production numbers stop spinning on the rotating platform. If you can’t catch it on Lifetime, the cable network not much happens on the show, and it’s considered a show that never made it to Broadway.

Sadly, “Love Never Dies” never managed to fill the huuuge shoes left by the Phantom. Which doesn’t make the show a bad one, just the Phantom is way too good. But could a rework fix it?

Is it as scary as “The Phantom” itself? And are you a HamilFan? Here are some cool facts!

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