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Broadway is so big that it has tons of books written about it. This is especially true for musical books, giving us some insight into the best shows on stage!

“Not My Father’s Son: A Memoir” (2014)

Yes, we all know that there are many great actors in the world of musical theatre, from Tony Award-winning actor Michael C. Hall to Tony-winning actor Alan Cumming, to name but a few of the greats, but there is much more to it than just his name. Cummed, who has redefined the role of the cabaret artist in several Olivier and Tony Award-winning plays, has returned to the stage in a number of roles, including as one-man Macbeth and in several musicals.

“Finishing the Hat” (2010)

Not all of the abuse the actor has suffered at the hands of his father has been described as’ appalling ‘. Stephen Sondheim’s list of achievements is as long as his career as an actor and composer, but his life and career are so extensive that only he could deliver them. This autobiography provides an insight into the events that shaped the prize and made it what it is today, as well as into the life of the prize winner.

“The Secret Life of the American Musical: How Broadway Shows Are Built” (2016)

In between is a delightful sidebar offering the flesh of the book, a list of Sondheim’s favorite musicals as well as his favorite songs. If you read this book as a musical, from the opening door to the last curtain, it could be the definitive book on what makes a musical great. And if a work is included, then take a closer look at the history of the work.

Music fans will relish the opportunity to deconstruct what Quarters teaches us about the 11 o’clock numbers that will prove to be the formula that keeps the audience coming back to repeat. She dissects the pervasive patterns of the musical and why radical outliers sometimes spend their time in the spotlight.

“Fosse” (2013)

Director, dancer, and choreographer Bob Fosse are still proud to be the only person ever to win a Tony, Oscar, or Emmy in the same year. Watson’s book serves as a guide to the life and work of one of Broadway’s most influential artists. Now is the right time to take a look at a never-before-seen look at the history of jazz and jazz music. Is there really a man standing between the hands of jazz and the greats of the greatest musicals of the 20th century?

“Rita Moreno: A Memoir” (2013)

The actress, singer, and dancer have achieved a lot and her acting skills have touched many and seen her both on screen and stage. Moreno made her Broadway debut at 13 and went on to star in a series of musicals, films, and television series, from the big screen to the small screen. This talented beauty reveals a story that somehow feels even more relevant today. Wasson leaves nothing to your imagination as she records the life and work of one of Broadway’s most iconic actors and dancers.

“Hamilton: The Revolution” (2016)

When fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda and others call Hamilton, you know it has to be good, right?

This book is much more than an introduction to the Broadway smash; it goes into the history of the cultural phenomenon that is today as it is. This is a book that every Hamilton fan will not want to miss, as it is a testament to Miranda’s genius and the brain that made it all possible.

I can tell you that this is a funny history book that looks pretty classy on the bookshelf. Miranda’s footnotes alone are worth the price of the book, and for those who still want to master the verse, the text is ripe to memorize on each page. I could add, but I am sure you can and I cannot.


Musical books are one of the best things you can get your hands on. Be it as a souvenir, or a keepsake that you read from time to time, getting some musical books on Broadway is always great!

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