Sunday, January 29, 2023

In this list, we look at the musical theater performances we still see and are still waiting for their chance to take their place on Broadway. Here are the best musicals that never made it to Broadway.

A New Brain

The musical is about William Finn, who comes to terms with the loss of his wife and children in the wake of the tragic death of their father.

The music presents Finn at his absolute best, with a powerful message, but perhaps his mixed reviews have kept him off the Broadway stage. The falsetto paved the way for the great white, Broadway was ready for a hit and the music to Finn’s Bee was delivered with powerful messages. Based on the novel of the same name, it follows three bored women who mingle with the devilish Darryl Van Horne. Gordon Schwinn is worried about whether he will live long enough to finish his work, and if so, can he continue to do what he loves?

He brings chaos to the city and is ready to use his newfound strength to get rid of them all, but who is to do that?

The Witches of Eastwick

The show ran successfully in London, was nominated for four Olivier Awards, and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. It seems bad timing is to blame for the show not being on Broadway, but it might be the right time to revive this musical with three villains and a witch.

Bare: A Pop Opera / Bare: The Musical

This pop opera, revised and renamed Bare Musical, is a coming-of-age musical about a teenager’s life and her relationship with her best friend.

It follows a Catholic boarding school boy who struggles with his identity and finds his place in the world. The musical, revised and renamed, revolves around the fight to legalize gay marriage and the bullying of LGBT students.

The Baker’s Wife

One of the finest musicals that never made it to Broadway!

The show may not have earned a place on Broadway, but it has built its own cult following, and versions have been seen around the world, if not on Broadway. With its ever-changing themes of love, friendship, family, and identity, this is a show for the times that have changed so much in recent decades, not only musically, but also musically.

Martin Guerre

It’s almost impossible to imagine Stephen Schwartz’s musical not making it big, but it seems unlikely we’ll see it on Broadway anytime soon. Still, we can keep our fingers crossed that the series finally reaches the Great White Way. As a villager in Provence, you are responsible for saving the day with your pastries. But when the baker goes, the pleasure of baking is lost, and it is up to you and the villagers of Provence to save the day.


Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil are known for successfully turning history into musical theatre. Unfortunately, Martin Guerre could not keep up with Les Mis and Miss Saigon at the box office. In this classic story, the titular Guerres is in love with someone else but is forced into an arranged marriage in order to have a Catholic heir.


Thomas Jefferson sang – ‘What did I miss?”. Well, we missed a lot because these musicals never made it to Broadway. They would have been smashing hits.

Broadway’s out, but it’s not cold. It’s on stream.

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