Sunday, January 29, 2023

Broadway is a perfect place for a romantic date. You can pick from multiple great romantic shows on Broadway. Here are some suggestions.

Rock of Ages

Songwriter Harry falls in love with witty choir girl Louise and suddenly the world is rosy, but can their relationship survive reality when the fantasy begins to fade? When their beloved bar is threatened, the two have to band together and save the music. But not before they # Both fell for each other. This new musical from the Roundabout Theatre Company exudes the charm of romance, with a cast of talented actors and a talented cast, all in the spirit of the original creators of the musical.

Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation

The Next Generation, with titles inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars and other popular science fiction films. If you love theatre and have seen a lot of it, this cabaret show is for you as long as you understand the level of parody. Look at that if you’re imagining a million laughs for the perfect date, or if, like me, you’re a bit of both.

Sleep No More

Laughter may be the best medicine, but for others, the mysterious feels more enticing, so look no further than that immersive sleep. In addition, bars and restaurants on site offer the possibility to finish your trip.

Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop is as fresh as ever, with new cast, new music and new costumes, but the romance is never lost on any of the points of its sharpness. The horror story hits the mark, as does the love story, with original music by John Menken and a cast of talented actors.

Romeo & Bernadette

Shakespeare’s Romeo comes to life in a very different world in Brooklyn in the 1960s, but remember, don’t feed the plants! Directed and choreographed by Justin Ross Cohen, this musical comedy features a cast of talented actors, with original music by John Menken and original choreography by David O. Russell. He starts running after a girl he thinks is Juliet, only to find out she is actually Juliet’s girl.

Face it, we can easily find ourselves in the place of at least one character. That is the cool thing about the romantic shows on Broadway – they can feel very real!

Here’s what to expect when Broadway eventually opens up!

More romance!

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