Sunday, January 29, 2023

Broadway is a rollercoaster of strong emotions. It just has it all. Sometimes we might find our eyes wet. Here are the saddest musicals on Broadway!

“Dear Evan Hansen”

Evan is a clumsy child who pretends to be the best friend of a suicide victim and uses tragedy to get the love, attention, and friendship he has always wanted but has struggled to find. When the victim’s family finds out, Evan tries to explain why he did what he did, but the words fail so badly that not even the actors can sing the whole song. This is a great example of how good intentions can go completely wrong, and further cries and pleas come from our common sense.

“Les Misérables”

The battle song of youth gradually develops into an ancient battle between Jean Valjean and Jean-Claude Van Damme in the last act of Les Miserables. The many faces of those lost in the course of this show are finally united in a song that is seen in a moment of silence after JeanValdie’s death, but whispered hard.

The sheer power of the many voices that unite is extremely moving and arouses so many emotions that one can hardly help but join in (sob, of course). It makes you want to stand up and march from your seat, driven by raw emotion, but ultimately it is a song of triumph over the human spirit.

“Next to Normal”

Diana tries to look after her family, who don’t even want her name mentioned, but as the struggle in this rock song tells us, everything comes to a head. Diana is not just your typical suburban housewife, she is a woman struggling with her own problems, which manifest themselves in the form of depression, anxiety and a lack of self-confidence.

Although she is surrounded by family and comforted by her husband, she is not alone in this song. As she struggles to put her feelings of pain into words to express how alone she feels, we implore her men to tell her they feel the same.


When Hamilton was released, his unique combination of singing and rapping entered the public consciousness and told the story of the Founding Fathers and their journey to the United States. The musical repeats this fact and introduces us to its surroundings with heart – with poignant songs like “Quiet is Uptown” and “The Great Gatsby.” Even if we are not moved enough to see the stories, we have only the last song to remind us that everything will pass us by at some point, unless we are lucky enough to have someone else tell it for us.


It is depressing, but it also shows us how important it can be to find small moments of hope amid the bleakness of life, especially for young LGBTQ people. Homeland has been around for a long time, and few places can have been more depressing than the lives of young LGBTQ adults trying to survive. Hope and home are found in a person, a cloak, or a single moment of warmth – but for some it is not only difficult to find them in their own homes, schools, churches, hospitals, and other places of refuge and comfort.

It’s hard to explain how painful Angel died in this musical but listen to this heartbreaking recap of Angel’s tragic death in the final scene of the musical.


The saddest musicals on Broadway always bring us to tears!

We love musical books!

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