Sunday, January 29, 2023

Not every actor works all the time, but some Broadway actors go to productions and work survival jobs. Some Broadway actors work as survival artists, others work in the theater and some don’t, and they do it all the time. Here are the hardships in the actor’s life.

More than one gig

It is very common for artists to perform several works at the same time, creative or not, and the work is often seasonal. Also, don’t imagine that you could do all these non-creative activities at any time of the year, as a waitress, babysitter, receptionist, etc.

It’s hard to understand, but when you get a paid gig, no matter how big the amount, that’s a big deal. I know that money is not always the goal, and if it is, it is not really that important. Don’t call your plays, films, or web series “passion projects” – to me, it sounds like a stamp collection. Your passion for projects is more important than your survival job.


The most important part of the industry is expanding your network, and there is a reason for that. After all, the well-known saying “know for yourself” is worth more when it comes to the connections they make, not the money.

Everyone in this profession works hard, but on a professional level, hire those you have worked with and trusted before. If you believe in the people you work with and want to be there for your friends professionally, work on projects with them for free. As much as I love working with my friends, I only recommend people to projects because I know they are excellent and reliable. You could be the next Stephen Spielberg you meet and make a great friend, colleague, or even a good friend of friend or family member.

No payment

Paid or unpaid work has its merits and its problems, but it is always an important experience and it has always been important to me. The budgeting of actors for plays and films is quite different and projects are often not paid for. I don’t like working for free on credit, food, or set, I take on roles because the credits are important and more experience is always useful and I have more contacts than I could meet.

Are you famous?

I’m famous and I don’t have a successful in the actor’s life, I’m more interested in my family, my friends and the people I work with than in fame.

It may sound crazy, but what I want most is an I – a sustained, selfless, non-selfish life that I can sustain outside of my art. I want to achieve this by being part of a community of people, not just a face on a name recognition system found in a supermarket or tabloid booth. It doesn’t always mean that you find yourself in an industry where you are successful, I’m sure there are.

Managing yourself

When you talk about this subject, do not ask me if I have seen anything about you, that is not the case and the conversation is embarrassing for both parties.

I’m often my own agent, manager, and PR person, so I’m taught to cry on cue, no matter what I do. Everyday life is about learning and remembering what you have learned to achieve your goals, not just crying and crying.

The actor’s life is usually very hard, especially in the beginning. But success needs its toll.

Black art is a huge thing on Broadway!

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